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Worked with a seed stage privacy startup that removes its users’ personal data like emails, addresses and phone numbers off of malicious data brokers.


Data brokers are legally required to delete your information if requested. Most of them comply by offering a web form for the user to fill out.

Often a convoluted experience
Often a convoluted experience

The startup was using browser agents to automate this on behalf of their users but was seeing increasing failure because the data brokers employed layers and layers of bot protection techniques (various captchas, changing DOM structure, honeypots etc.) So it was becoming an endless trudge of fixing broken browser agents with little to show for it.


Fortunately there was another way. Emails. Contacting data brokers through their support email has been an equally valid channel, but trickier to automate. Until recently.

By purchasing a custom domain (like we could programmatically spin up a new inbox, and use LLMs to compose and reply to emails, appearing as the user themselves.

Over 1000 conversations and subsequent data removals have been generated to date as a result.